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  1. Welcome to Ozarks Multisport Club

    Posted August 9th, 2013 by Brad Hamman - This entry has been tagged with:

    Welcome to the club! Ozarks Multisport Club, or more affectionately known as OMC, is a community driven group of multisport athletes and participants of all levels. Our focus is to help foster an environment of learning and growth, whatever your goals may be.

    To accomplish this we provide numerous training opportunities, club socials, and event support to our membership community. With a broad array of abilities within our membership, we keep our focus at the beginner or first time participant, but also provide support for our most well seasoned athletes.

    Club membership is an affordable $20 annually per family. Once you have become a member of the club, we invite you to participate in the clubs email listserv, Facebook page, training groups, and other ongoing club events throughout the year.

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  2. What does my membership get me?

    Posted August 8th, 2013 by Brad Hamman - This entry has been tagged with:

    We are often asked the question: What does my $20 annual membership get me?

    Quite a bit, actually, all you have to do is participate. Below is a brief list of some of the major benefits:
    - OMC Listserv communications
    - Presidents weekly email
    - Weekly training groups
    - Discounted/Low Cost club apperal (got to look good and represent)
    - Race support at over 6 events per season
    - Training plans
    - OMC Time Trial series (free club exclusive)
    - OMC Summer Tri Camp
    - Summer Picnic
    - Fall Social
    - Holiday/End of year bash
    - The super Superbowl Spin event
    - Discounts at some of the local shops
    - And my personal favorite - a large community of support and friendship that lasts a lifetime.

    Typically if a member takes advantage of just one of these events or benefits they come out ahead.

    All memberships expire 12/31 of each year, no matter when you join. For those who join after the 1st week of August, we make that expiration for the following 12/31, so you get a little extra.

    For $20, this is the best membership deal you will ever find!

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